What is the Talent Pool?   The Talent Pool refers to a high quality database of people with skills, knowledge and abilities relevant to a specific requirement, available for future hiring or recruitment.   At Applica Corp. we are focused on building long term relationships with talented professionals and maintaining a solid network [&he

Last Thursday, 19 October, we participated for the first time in ORT University’s job fair.   We invited students to come to our stand, meet the team and test their knowledge. We ran 258 quizzes on topics such as development, testing, best practice and IT recruitment, where participants could test their skills and win some […]

“«Applica Corp. works globally, so the idea of having English teachers full-time at the office is cool. This way we can support the developers’ performance with the language. At Applica Corp. we have developed English courses that contribute to our staff’s growth and improve our quality of service.“

In an organization, sharing knowledge not only increases productivity, but it also empowers employees to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. Employees can work faster and smarter by getting easy access to insights, resources and expertise.