Highlights from IT Builders Live: Networking and Knowledge 

Highlights from IT Builders Live: Networking and Knowledge 


The IT Builders Live event gathers the entire tech ecosystem of Uruguay, networking, creating an enriching synergy space for the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industries. 




On Saturday, May 25th, we had the honor of participating for the first time as sponsors of the event, which turned out to be an incredible experience for our entire team. 


At our booth, we organized a trivia game to challenge attendees’ knowledge of software development. Those who performed well were invited to spin our #ApplicaWheel, and we handed out over 200 prizes throughout the day.  

Additionally, our team had the opportunity to take part in the talks and workshops at the event: 



Mauro Rocca kicked off the morning with a talk on NgRx, a tool for state management in Angular applications that ensures efficient, predictable, and maintainable results in the long term. 


Laura Gaitán, one of our recruiters, participated in a Q&A session about her workshop “Interviews in the IT World.” Laura shared tools and strategies for both interviewers and candidates, offering practical and effective advice. This workshop was aimed at professionals and tech enthusiasts interested in starting or refining their skills in the IT field. You can enjoy the recording of the workshop on this link. 


Raúl López, our CTO, concluded the day by participating in an expert panel discussion on the impact of pursuing an MBA on tech-based careers. 


Undoubtedly, it was a weekend full of learning, with fascinating talks on the latest industry trends and the opportunity to connect with amazing professionals. 


See you at the next edition!